Caring for you, caring about you
About Dr. Robert Quinn

Dr. Quinn is the founder of Mountain View Cosmetic Surgery. Along with his commitment to the medical community, he is committed to our community. He is an annual corporate sponsor to the local school district fund raisers and has been a “secret santa” to supply books for under privileged kids. Educational scholarships have also been awarded to fund school activities for those that cannot afford to participate.

Dr. Quinn is held in high esteem for his commitment to medicine and the community. He was recently nominated by the American Cancer Society for Outstanding Cancer Physician. A patient nominated Dr. Quinn for his reconstruction work with breast cancer survivors. He takes his work very seriously but maintains a down to earth rapport and good humor with all his patients. He cares deeply for all his patients and has been active with the Sara Fisher Project and assisted the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic with their needs.

He is a gifted surgeon and enjoys cosmetic surgery which requires fine motor skills due to the delicate nature of the procedures. He is a participating surgeon in some of the national studies that are ongoing for evaluation of cosmetic implants. This helps the patients that want to participate by tracking outcomes and gives long term continuity of care.

Before Dr. Quinn was an award winning plastic surgeon, he was a rocket scientist at NASA. There was a time when NASA required his signature before they would launch any shuttle mission into space. Dr. Quinn decided to move from aerospace engineering to surgery to fulfill his lifelong dream of pursuing medicine.